Hi! 👋🏼

I'm Andrea, PhD student in the NetOS group
at the University of Cambridge.

With my advisor, Prof Cecilia Mascolo, I am investigating the potential of sensory earables for mobile health. My research interests range between wearables and how to augment them, applied machine learning, privacy, and mobile health.

Prior joining Cambridge I worked with Prof Giovanni Pau at Sorbonne University (LIP6, formerly UPMC), Paris, where I focused on mobile systems and IoT.

Stuff I usually do

This is a NON comprehensive list of things I can do. Though, it does not necessarely mean I am willing to do them 😉.

  • Code in C, C++, Python
  • Stack convolutional layers, beer casks
  • Read scientific papers and write stuff
  • Drink coffee while doing the above
  • Cycle, Surf, Kitesurf, Hike, Boulder
  • Talk with people... sometimes even listen


If you are interested in what I am doing, you can find and read my publications here (if I remember to upload them).

Head Motion Tracking Through in-Ear Wearables

Andrea Ferlini, Alessandro Montanari, Cecilia Mascolo, Robert Harle
Proceedings of 1st International Workshop on Earable Computing (EarComp’19)

Corner-3D: a RF Simulator for UAV Mobility in Smart Cities

Andrea Ferlini, Wei Wang, Giovanni Pau
ACM SIGCOMM 2019 Workshop on Mobile AirGround Edge Computing, Systems, Networks, and Applications (MAGESys’19)

Leader-Follower Formations on Real Terrestrial Robots

Alexandru Solot, Andrea Ferlini
ACM SIGCOMM 2019 Workshop on Mobile AirGround Edge Computing, Systems, Networks, and Applications (MAGESys’19)

In-Ear Aid for Speech Separation

Andrea Ferlini, Cecilia Mascolo
UK Mobile, Wearable, and Ubiquitous Systems Research Symposium (MOBIUK ’19)

C-Continuum: Edge-to-Cloud Computing for Distributed AI

Andrea Ferlini, Davide Aguiari, Jiannong Cao, Song Guo, Giovanni Pau
2019 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM ’19)

Two more full conference papers are currently under double blind peer review

I will update the website as soon as I get notified.

Contact Me

If you've checked the forecasts and there are no waves (nor wind), then drop me an email 📧.